The Advisory Council for the Center includes leaders and advocates in support and advancement of the mission of the Center. The Council’s role is varied with appropriate emphasis on advisory, advocacy, advancement, and assistance in order to meet the mission of the Center through programming and the development of resources and opportunities.

The Council seeks to support and advance the dual mission of 1) showcasing the Miné Okubo Collection to provide an unequaled perspective on race, culture, politics and art in pre- and post-World War II America, and 2) contributing to an ongoing dialogue on civil liberties and social justice through dynamic, interactive exhibitions and related programing.









Membership 2016

Dr. Lalit Acharya

Jane Carney

Jack B. Clarke

Dr. Carlos Cortes

Dr. Harki Dhillon

Dr. Wolde-Ab Issac

Dr. Tammy Kearns  

Dr. Greg Kimura

Dr. Ronald Loveridge

Rose Mayes

Secretary Norman Mineta

Mark Rubin

Adolfo Saldana

Dr. Traise Yamamoto

Center for Social Justice & Civil Liberties Annual Reports