Because the Okubo material has not been accessible, it has had limited scholarly review. The collection holds more than 8,000 pieces of art, professional papers, and personal memorabilia. Well-known women’s studies expert Elena Tajima Creef, an associate professor at Wellesley College, is one of a handful of scholars who has sen the material firsthand. Creef notes that “there is simply nothing like this that exists,” adding that the collection affords research opportunities in a range of academic disciplines including art history, women’s studies, Asian American studies, and American history.

RCCD encourages post-doc and other scholarly researchers to apply for NEH/NEA and other federal, state and private grants that would permit the scholarly development of the collection.

While the Center currently is establishing procedures and protocols related to scholarly access to The Okubo Collection and other archival resources, email us at to inquire.