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Body of Freedom: Feb 1 - Mar 16, 2024

The Body of Freedom is an expansive collaborative project with the Arts Magnet Program at Ramona High School, Division 9 Gallery, and the Inlandia Institute. The project supports local artists to create inclusive, community-based art workshops rooted in social justice and equity...MORE




stolen identities


Stolen Identities: River Routes to Freedom - May 4 - Sep​ 15, 2023

Deborah McDuff Williams is a multi-talented artist whose training, extensive travel, and lived experience have provided her with the tools to reflect on life and society from a unique and highly textured perspective...MORE


portrait project


The Portrait P​roject: ​Mar 1 - 28, 2023

The Portrait Project ​is a series of Self Portraits created by extraordinary students with unique special needs and abilities in Randi Bartee's classes at Ramona High School. Facilitated by Magnet Coordinator and Mosaic Artist, Erin Maroufkhani, the goal is to promote freedom of expression, joy and creativity in each student as they navigate the process of painting and assembling their portraits....MORE


intertwined exhibit

Intertwined: Jan 5 - Feb 2, 2023

​​​Congratulations to Aiden Rios, Brandi Gomez, Evan Richard, Gia Kim, Janet Fletcher, Kaila Egans, Megan Hudson, Michelle Colaci​on, Sharon Vera, and Yesenia Salgado from Art 26, 27 last Spring for being selected to exhibit their paintings internationally with Israel students at the Talpiot College of Education, Holon called Intertwined...MORE

BLM Exhibit


Black Lives Matter: Apr 8 - Dec 3, 2022

Black Lives Matter: Voices of Protest, Activism, and Art is a dynamic exhibition that brings together over 25 Southern Cal​ifor​nia-based artists whose work is expressed through various mediums including: painting, ​photography, mosaics, and more. The exhibition was born out of the desire to breathe new life and energy into the Riverside Community College D​istrict's Center for Social Justice & Civil Liberties...MORE